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The Existing Buildings

The site is currently occupied by a brick warehouse aligning with Trundley’s Road (1), a smaller warehouse to its west (2) and a small row of terraced houses (3) and a small industrial building (4) to the south of the site.

The Lewisham Employment Land Study (2009) describes the site as follows: “The premises in the area south of the Surrey Canal Road a mix with older industrial buildings in B2 use, open sites, small commercial premises and Victorian/Edwardian shops with offices or residential accommodation on the
first floor.”

The total floor area of the industrial buildings on Trundley’s Road is 1051sqm while the entire site area is 1882sqm. The building and recycling yards on Trundley’s Road have a site area of 5247sqm.

Nos. 3-9 Sanford Street are small warehouse/office buildings with yards. Total floor area of these being 120sqm and site area 320sqm.

The Public Realm

The public realm along the long frontage of the brick warehouse is unpleasant due to the closed off nature of the facade, the narrowness of the pavement and the amount of traffic going by.

The employment study states that “the buildings on Trundley’s Road do not present an attractive frontage which affects the appearance and use of the adjacent Folkestone Gardens public park”.

Current Site Conditions
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